Please find our TUBES portfolio below.

All MEA, SMA and LAL tested and CE Class IIa certified.

For more information about eg. (smART) characteristics, purpose of use, article code, consult the interactive BIRR IVF Labware Catalog.

[ Explanation of  filenames (e.g. ‘32359 copy_IVF LB_1130106_SqCWDish_boven’): 32359 = picture number; IVF LB = IVF Labware; 1130106 = article code; SqCWDish = product name abbreviation Square Center Well Dish; different views of the images (in Dutch): ‘boven’ = topview, ‘zij’ = side view, ‘deksel los’ = with cover off ] 



Round Bottom Tube 14mL

Round Bottom Tube 5mL

Conical Tube PP 50mL

Conical Tube PS 15mL

Conical Tube PP 15mL

Conical Tube PP 11mL