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For our customers

Welcome to our customer page which direct you to order BIRR products or direct you to your local BIRR distributor, we also offer our Distributors a login to Distributor portal for specific sales/marketing content. Beside this we’ve a Quality portal where Distributors as well customers can login and download Quality related documentation.


  • If you want to order BIRR products, please call us on +31(0)294 320389 or send us an email (

Rest of World:

  • For ordering orders in your local country click then on the world map to find the relevant information about your distributor


  • Distributor – Download product, promotional images
  • Quality – Download of Quality certificates, technical related documentation

For our customers

Download of Quality Certificates and Technical related documentation: For distributors and customers who need BIRR QMS Certificates, DoC, CoC, Lot related CoA, IFU available to be downloaded in our quality portal. Please click on Quality Portal. You will have to fill in a password (if not available, please contact email).