100 micron two chamber slide

The disposable counting chamber BB2-C-100 is designed for the microscopic assessment of low centration of semen and other cell suspension, or for the analysis of semen of animals with large sperm like mouse and rat. BB2-C-100 slide has two chambers for two assessments on one semen sample.

The counting chambers are made of a standard microscopic slide and a cover slip. The chamber is made of a standard microscopic slide (L x W x H; 75.0 (±0.2) x 25.0 (±0.2) x 1.0 (±0.1) mm) and a cover glass (32.0 (±0.2) x 24.0 (±0.2) x 0.7 (±0.1) mm). As a result of our strong focus on quality, we managed to set a high standard on the consistency of the actual chamber height and the absence of toxicity. The actual chamber height and the non-toxicity of the slides are depicted in the quality sheet of a specific batch. Moreover our packaging limits the damage of moisture, and increase the shelf life of our counting chambers.
Please download the manual with additional information on the usage of this chamber.
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  • Each box contains 25 slides and per carton 36 boxes are packed

Benefits BB2-C-100

  • Best price/quality ratio
  • Designed for large spermatozoa
  • Absence of toxicity
  • Long shelf life

Manual BB2-C-100

Download manual here…