IVF Plastic Ware

CE Class IIa Medical Devices with MEA, LAL & SMA results per LOT available


Custom Procedure Sets

Compose your desired set for Oocyte Pick up, ET, IUI or other procedures

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Disposable Needle guides

Compatible with all well-known ultrasound probes. Accepts 16G-18G needles

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Finding better ways

BIRR specialises in the supply of products in Gynaecology with focus on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Our products are innovative and intuitive, to help healthcare professionals provide better, more efficient patient treatment ensuring the very best of care.

BIRR develops, manufactures and sells (disposable) Gynaecology/ART supplies where our in-depth knowledge and experience enables us to cover the whole process from analysis through to treatment. This has resulted in a broad product range from high quality sperm counting chambers to customized disposable procedural trays for Oocyte Pick up, ET, IUI and HSG treatments.

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About Birr

  • Gynaecology & ART
  • Disposable materials
  • Cost savings
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Customization
Serological Pipettes

Serological pipettes for aliquoting larges volumes of culture media, density gradients and cell culture oil into small volumes. Sizes 1 ml. Serological Pipette – [...]

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Transducer Covers

Transducer covers ‘soft style’ BIRR is now also offering an extensive range of transducer covers soft style. Most common sizes 8×61 cm 10×122 cm [...]

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Customize your tray

Custom procedure tray: Pickup, IUI, ET or HSG. Now possible on the website, customize your own disposable tray for Oocyte Pickup, IUI, ET or [...]

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