Please find our DISH portfolio below: ROUND and SQUARE dishes for different purposes.

All MEA+, SMA and LAL tested and CE Class IIa certified.

For more information about eg. (smART) characteristics, purpose of use, article code, consult the interactive BIRR IVF Labware Catalog.

[ Explanation of  filenames (e.g. ‘32359 copy_IVF LB_1130106_SqCWDish_boven’): 32359 = picture number; IVF LB = IVF Labware; 1130106 = article code; SqCWDish = product name abbreviation Square Center Well Dish; different views of the images (in Dutch): ‘boven’ = topview, ‘zij’ = side view, ‘deksel los’ = with cover off ] 


Center Wel Dish 60 mm with lid

Center Well Dish 60mm

4+8-Well Dish

4+8-Well Dish with lid

Round ICSI Dish 60mm

Round Center Well Dish 60mm

Culture Dish 90mm

Culture Dish 60mm

Culture Dish 35mm

Round Culture Dish 35mm TimeLapse

Square 16-Well Dish

Square Center-Well Dish

Square ICSI Dish

Square 5-Well Dish – round edges

Square 6-Well Dish